College Was Never Like This When I Was A Kid!

Vegan stir fry in the dining hall? Online textbook reserve? 24-hour dorm room visitation? Man, college sure has changed since I was a student.

Of course, that was back in the dark ages – but still! If you are heading to your child’s college for Family Weekend in the next month or two, you may be in for a shock. Simply put, these kids have it cushy!

Just got back from Family Weekend at my freshman son’s university. We toured the campus and his dorm room – he swears the gym shorts laying on the microwave oven are his roommate’s. But notice something odd about that last sentence? How about: microwave oven in his dorm room?

That’s right; mini-fridge too.

If you haven’t been on campus for a few years, you are in for some surprises. Not to mention some feelings of resentment. You’ll probably grumble – as I did – that “college sure wasn’t like this when I was a kid.”

And then you’ll suddenly realize that you are really starting to sound like your own parents, and that will make you even more cranky. But, maybe that’s just me.

Back to the perks.

“There are trendy coffee shops, bistros and snack bars situated all over campus. It’s just not fair!”My first clue that things have really changed came when he was enrolling. It was time to buy books and I immediately started to snicker at the thought of him wandering around the bookstore trying to find the exact books needed for each class (“I can find books for English 101, line number 3875X9E, but not for line number 99B704R!!!), finding there are no more used books and shelling out $150 for a soft cover called “Introduction to Obscure Poets of the 16th Century.” Then the grueling wait in that endless checkout line wrapped around all the aisles and out the front door.

I tried to hide my giggles behind a look of pure sympathy for my baby frosh.

But then, the kid goes to his computer, calls up the bookstore’s Web site and, with just a couple clicks, reserves and pays for his entire semester’s books! He was even able to specify used books whenever possible and – get this – they pull and bag the books for him to pick up at his convenience. At his convenience!

When has a college ever cared about student convenience? I was livid!

When we toured this weekend, we were treated to lunch in the student dining hall. Again, I was in shock. No more the long cafeteria line with mushy green beans, instant mashed potatoes and mystery meat. Oh no…now we have kiosks everywhere offering different specialities.

There’s the vegan stir fry bar, made-to-order belgian waffle bar, fresh pizza with every imaginable topping, even one bar devoted specifically to luscious desserts. In my day, you were lucky to get a dried-out brownie.

And of course, they don’t have just one place to eat. There are trendy coffee shops, bistros and snack bars situated all over campus. It’s just not fair!

I haven’t even mentioned the cable television and high-speed Interent access in every dorm room, the free nearly-first-run movies on weekends, or the free shuttle bus to the beach during Welcome Week! I would mention them, but then I would just get more nauseated and have to lie down.

So, what did I learn from Family Weekend? First, I learned that I don’t have to worry about my son, he is very well taken care of. And second? Well, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for me to say good-bye to the workaday world, return to school and pursue that master’s degree I’ve always talked about getting.

See you at the student sushi bar!

That’s a great little story, and the funny thing is, it is all so true. I was so surprised when I went to my child’s college. They have the coffee shops, Italian pizza places, even a Chik-fil-a. They also have 2 big cafeterias where its all-you-can-eat . I worry about the education my child will get, but I don’t worry about his eating.

Praising and Dog Food Deals


When praising, allow your dog to rest his lower jaw in the fingers of both hands while you praise quietly and slowly. Continue to keep his attention until you dismiss him.

While you are praising your dog for coming to you, make sure that he does not look around at people, dogs, cats or other distractions. If he does look around while you are praising him, he will think that you are praising him for looking at all those distractions, and that would never do, would it? If he does look around, stop praising him for a moment and correct him by either giving him an upward jerk on the leash or by giving him a quick little shake on the neck with both hands. I’m sure you know how to do that by now. And as soon as he looks at you, you know what to say. Yes, that’s right: “Good dog!” Finally, dismiss your dog by telling him to “Go free! Go and play!” When he does, he can look at anything he wants to.

Do you see now how all the training is coming together like a jigsaw puzzle? Interesting, isn’t it? And as you go on, you will find it more and more interesting and should get a great kick out of it.

A sidewalk is a very good place to practice the recall. It helps to keep you straight as you walk backwards down the center, and very often there are lots of nice smells on each side that your dog would like to sniff. So this gives you the chance to teach him to come to you and to correct him if he is distracted by juicy smells or anything else.

After about a week, by which time your dog should know what the recall is all about, try calling him in a safe place, like the rear of your property. As you walk along, drop the leash out of your hand, step backwards and call your dog. Praise him as soon as he turns around to come to you. Pretend that you are still holding the leash by using your hands in gathering an invisible leash! Just as your dog reaches you, take hold of the clip end of the leash, put your other hand over his hindquarters, say “Sit!” quickly and push and guide his hindquarters down and toward you. Praise him before he has the chance to look around at anything. Finally, dismiss your dog while he is looking at you and only you.

You may ask what you should do if, having dropped the leash, your dog doesn’t come to you when called. That is simple. Walk forward, take hold of the handle of the leash, say “Come!” and give it a horizontal jerk toward you. Praise your dog immediately even though you have made him obey. You have to show him that you are the boss, but you are also a loving boss. Proper training of your dog means that you never get annoyed with him.

With time, you should improve as a trainer. If, however, you do have difficulties, start from the beginning again. It won’t take long, and it is the best way to overcome faults.

Having dropped the leash out of your hand, walk backward and call your dog. Pretend you are gathering an invisible leash. This nearly always makes the dog think that he is still on the leash.

The sit-stay command is an important exercise because you will need to use it in many different situations. For example, you will need it whenever and wherever you need to leave your dog for a short period of time while you do something or prepare for the next part of an exercise, like a recall from a sit-stay position, or while you position yourself to call him over a jump (which I shall talk about later).

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