Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rocket Bottoms Cloth Diapers [Review & Giveaway]

Recently I was contacted by Krista from Rocket Bottoms about reviewing a diaper made from her newest sewing pattern.  She sent me a super cute One Size Twist diaper to review.

About Rocket Bottoms

Rocket Bottoms is an online shop that specializes in diaper sewing patterns.  They have several styles, sizes, etc. to choose from.  I love the idea of purchasing the patterns as you can customize however you want to.  You can choose snaps, velcro, front elastics, one size, fitted, and of course your print/color options are limitless.  You could even use old fabric from t-shirts, blankets and other items you have around the house, making a sewing pattern a very economical way to cloth diaper your babe.

Other exciting information about Rocket Bottoms patterns: you can sell any diapers that you make without licensing fees, etc. as long as you follow their guidelines which can be found on their website.

Not savvy with a sewing machine? No worries! Rocket Bottoms also links up shops that sell diapers with their pattern on their Facebook page so you can order without the hassle of making your own!

OS Twist Diaper

As I mentioned previously, I received an OS Twist diaper that was made using one of their newest patterns.

This is a really nice diaper!  To start, it is an one-size, so it will fit the average baby from newborn to potty training.  It features a poly knit PUL outer so that you do not need to use a cover, it is waterproof on its own.  The inside is a very soft fleece so it is sure to feel nice on your babe's bum.  Also, it is a pocket style of diaper; however, here is the best part: there are two separate openings for the insert so that when you wash the diaper it will wiggle out on its own.  You DO NOT have to remove the liner from the diaper before washing! How cool is that?  One of my least favorite parts of cloth diapering is dealing with the gross inserts. I mean, I know that you just barely have to touch them to pull them out, but isn't this much better - not having to touch wet, poopy inserts at all?  Now, I've had diapers claim that this was the case before; however, I've tested this diaper in the wash 5-6 times now and the inserts come out! Every. Single. Time.

Another feature that I love about the OS Twist is the leg gussets. These make sure that you are left without side leaks even if your child is a side sleeper!  As I mentioned above, the diaper is very soft on the inside.  The fabric is nice and thick. With some side gussets I've had issues with Xavier having red marks from the elastic; but, I've not had that issue with this diaper since the fabric is so nice and comfy.

Super trim fit thanks to hook & loop!
The specific diaper that I received has a hook and loop (think: velcro) closure.  A lot of you know from previous posts that I am not a lover of hook and loop or any of its cousins, but I will say that this is some of the nicest that I've seen on a diaper.  The tabs are nice and big, as is the front panel where the tabs stick.  This really helps you to receive the fit that you need as it is very adjustable unlike a diaper with snaps.  The hook and loop really help you to receive a perfect, trim fit.  Also, the laundry tabs WORK.  This diaper won't stick to anything in the wash if the diaper tabs are securely stuck onto the laundry tab.  The soft loop of the velcro is different that what I've traditionally seen on diapers.  It is very soft, not scratchy and doesn't pill up like the normal loop part of the closure. 

Of course, what everybody is really interested to hear is how this diaper works.  The OS Twist came with one microfiber insert.  Since I have a super soaker son I added an extra that I had lying around the house so that I could wait a little longer in between diaper changes.  {This is why we LOVE pocket diapers!} We have successfully used this diaper several times with no leaks, blow outs or any other issues.  It is such a great design and I feel that with those gussets I discussed earlier it would be really hard to have a leak!  The gussets tend to move with your child and contour to his legs - whether he is calm and collected or a wild man!

So how would you like to try a Rocket Bottoms diaper for babe?  You can by visiting their website and picking out a pattern. Or, as I mentioned above, if you aren't a fan of sewing, visit their Facebook page and find links for those that are selling pre-made diapers.

OR, Rocket Bottoms has been kind enough to offer my readers a chance at a pre-made OS Twist like I received.  The winner gets to choose boy/girl/neutral and Krista will make it up for you!


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A special thanks to Krista at Rocket Bottoms for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

Please note that I did receive a sample diaper in order to write this review.  I received no other compensation.  My opinions are my own and may differ from your experience.


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